Expat Relocation Services

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Once your company is set up, staff employed and ready to go, we offer a personalized programme to cover all your needs and support you during the development of your business activity.   


We offer a range of services that you can take up at any time during your stay.

triple These include:

- Administrative services: these include translations, website design and assistance with any IT issues.   

- Renewing your documentation as required 

- Introducing you to professionals as the need arises 

- Advice on tax issues 

- Information on conferences and events in your area relating to your business.

- Answering all queries and issues as they arise.

 If you find it useful we can offer you a regular support package tailored to your needs and budget, which you would pay for on a monthly basis


If you wish to have a PDF presentation of all our services please click here

"For over 5 years Montse (ERS) has helped us with everything from A to Z, both personally and professionally. If you want it done faster, better, and at a fair price, Hire Montse and her team at ERS...TODAY!"

Robert Culpepper

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